Bal Gangadhar Tilak


The All India Manvadhikar Rajnetik Dal (AIMRD) is the spearhead of political revolution commencing from Himanchal Pradesh.

AIMRD was born with a dream of Swaraj in its eyes & zeal for social reform in its heart & is formed by the group of disciples, that follows the teaching of Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak & indicate his virtues of nationalism & patriotism for the greater good of our nation.

“I regard India as my motherland and my goddess, the people in India are my kith & kin, and loyal & steadfast work for their political & social emancipation is my highest religion & duty.”

The AIMRD is registered with election commission of India, it demand the necessary changes in political status quo. As corruption at every level has led to the loss of confidence in public’s heart for democratic institutions. Our party is up & coming by holding its ground firmly & changing the malpractices of bureaucracy.

“जनमत एक  ऐसी  चीज है  जिससे स्वेच्छाचारी और तानाशाह डरते है।”

Tilak was a man of unwavering conviction & absolute lack of dilemma –words of admiration by celebrated British Journalist Henry Nevinson.

The Source of his conviction & dexterity in critical decision making is in the philosophy he believed in & lived. The philosophy of Bhagavat Geeta.

Following his footprints, the AIMRD will strive on finding the best possible solution to the problems & fight of the people of Himanchal Pradesh.

“अन्याय और अत्याचार करने वाला उतना दोषी  नहीं माना जा सकता, जितना उसे सहन करने वाला।”

The word Swaraj is an old Vedic term Tilak text it from the Shastra & the life of the great Shiva Ji.

Tilak practised Swaraj as not merely a right but as a dharma, he also presented political moral & spiritual meaning of Swaraj. He defined “Swaraj as people’s rule instead of that of bureaucracy is Swaraj.”

For him, it was the foundation & not the height of our prosperty. Alas he rightly said that ‘No nation can be strong & healthy unless it is free.’

“Swaraj is my birthright & I shall have it.”