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for all


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for all

Lets Make a better India together

Every one deserves to get the basic needs to survive in this world. Based on Bal gangadhar Tilak’s ideology,AIMRD is determined to work tirelessly to provide the basic necessities like Health, Education , Safety & security and Employment for one and all.

Health is the biggest wealth

Health is a basic necessity in India. Even now there are people in many rural places in India, who are deprived from the basic facility of health care. AIMRD work towards the betterment of  people by making sure that everyone gets the medical care they need.

Education for all

A nation’s growth can be defined in proportion to  its people getting educated. When no. of educated people rises in a country definitely it progresses towards bigger achievements. Hence eduction for one and all is out motto.

Employement is the biggest challenge

one of the major issue is out nation right now is lack of Employment. While we work for educationg all, we all join hands with different organisations to provide employement to deservinnf candidates. Our team also travel to differeent rural part of the country and teach the women and older people some basic home business ideas and process so that they can become independent and start working from their home only.


Safety & security is another major issue in India , may be be road safety, Women security or any other.. These issues need to be addressed and resolved to make India a safe place to live in. AIMRD is determined for work towards the betterment of these major issues so that all the citizens can stay safe and secured.

We're helping India grow stronger every day.

We are dedicated to help india grow  stronger by ensuring that people of India gets all the basic necessities  and lead a better life. Basing our action on Gangadhar Tilak’s call  for the Swaraj, we promise to create a better India for all.